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Vrnjacka Spa is situated in central part of Serbia, about 200 km south of Belgrade. The local climate is continental and somewhat sub-alpine because of the surrounding mountains. It has a long history as a natural health resort and recreational centre, and it is among the best frequented resorts in the country. The surroundings of Vrnjacka Banja abound in historical monuments, including the nearby medieval Serbian Zica and Ljubostinja monasteries (13th and 14th century) and the Lazarica Church (14th century), among others.The spa has three mineral water springs, on which one has warm water and two have cold water. The spa is recommended for the treatment of: diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract, diseases of the hepatobiliary tract and pancreas, metabolic disorders, diseases of the kidney and the urinary tract and cardiovascular conditions.

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Niska Spa is situated in the southeast of Serbia, about 250 km south of Belgrade. Constantine the Great, the ruler of the Roman Empire from 306 to 337, was born in the town of Nis (Nais). As an emperor, Constantine expressed his gratification to his native town Nis by building a gorgeous residence called "Mediana" in the luxurious suburb of the antique town of Nis. Near Niska Banja there is yet another unique monument - "Cele kula" (Skull Tower). It was built in 1809 after the victory of the Turks over the Serb insurrectionists. Niska Spa offers the great possibilities for business and congress tourism, as well as for sport and cultural events. Indications: Cardiovascular, rheumatic, degenerative and systemic diseases. Treatment Methods: Hydro, electro kinaesy, laser, sonic, magnetic therapies as well as psychotherapy. Drinking mineral water, bathing in curative radioactive water and inhalation, medicinal mud coating and bathing.

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The Spa Koviljaca is some 215 km south of Belgrade surrounded by one of the largest and most beautiful parks in Serbia containing hornbeams, cerris oak, beech trees and some 80 species of other trees in addition to many shrubs, climbers and over 50 different types of flowers. Since the beginning of the 20th century the Spa Koviljaca has earned its reputation for its year round climatic benefits that are particularly beneficial to those with respiratory organ problems. Treatment Methods: Hydrotherapy, peloid therapy, magnetic therapy, underwater massage, laser therapy, hydrokinesis and kinesis therapy, electrotherapy, ultrasound, criotherapy and other therapies are also administered in the health centre.

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It is situated in the mountainous region of western Serbia, 92 km far from Belgrade. Colourful landscape and woody mountains rich with different game characterize the surroundings of Banja Vrujci, thus with excellent possibilities for hunting. The Toplica River, which runs through the Spa, is suitable for sport fishing. Basic Indications: Rheumatic, gynecological, urological and skin diseases. Treatment Methods: Physical therapy, drinking mineral water, bathing in mineral water and coating with medicinal mud.

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Mataruska Spa is situated in the central Serbia, about 160 km south of Belgrade.The Spa is suitable for picnics, sport fishing and rafting on the Ibar River. In the surrounding of Mataruska Spa there are several significant cultural and historic monuments: monasteries Zica (13 c.) and Studenica (12 c. - in 1986 it was enlisted in the List of World Cultural and Natural Heritage), as well as a medieval town Maglic. Basic Indications: Rheumatic and degenerative diseases, primary and secondary sterility, gynecological diseases. Treatment Methods: Hydro, electro, sonic, kinaesy* and medicaments therapies. Bathing in mineral water.

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Bogutovacka Spa is situated in the central Serbia, about 200 km south of Belgrade. Surrounding of the Spa is interesting for picnic, sport fishing and hunting. One of the attractions is the possibility of rafting on the Ibar River. The mountains surrounding the Spa, as well as the flying centre Bogutovac, give exceptional background for educational and advanced paragliding. In the near vicinity there are cultural and historic monuments: monasteries Zica, Studenica and the medieval town of Maglic, as well as renowned ski resorts the Kopaonik Mt. and the Goc Mt. Basic Indications: Neuropsychiatric diseases, mild cardiovascular disorders, rheumatic diseases

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